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DRUMROLL PLEASE – Here is the official trailer for Changing Tides

Based on a true story, Changing Tides is about end-of-life alcoholism and finding hope in unexpected places.

This film was only made possible by the incredible support I received through Kickstarter and private donations. Not to mention the countless friends I continually pestered to read the script. Plus the help and support from Nacoa , who I wish I’d known about years ago. I am eternally grateful to all of you!

Alcohol facts:

In 2021, there were 9,641 deaths (14.8 per 100,000 people) from alcohol-specific causes registered in the UK, the highest number on record.

Only 18% of dependent drinkers are receiving treatment.

In Blackpool, the problem is even more acute.

Addiction, and other factors such as poverty, mean Blackpool has the lowest life expectancy of any local authority in England. Data shows there is a considerable difference in life expectancy within Blackpool itself, with men in the most deprived areas living 13.2 years less than the least deprived areas, at 47.1 and 63.3 years.

My dad died at 58.

A research study with 4,000 respondents estimates there are 3 million children in the UK living with parental alcohol problems. They are:

· Six times as likely to witness domestic violence

· Five times as likely to develop an eating problem

· Three times as likely to consider suicide

· Twice as likely to experience difficulties at school

· Twice as likely to develop alcoholism or addiction

· Twice as likely to be in trouble with the police

If you have been affected by a parent's drinking please take a look at Nacoa.

If you think your drinking is affecting other people contact The AA.

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