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Support Indie Film and Vote for Changing Tides at Manchester Lift-Off Festival

This Easter weekend, why not support indie cinema and emerging filmmakers by purchasing a ticket for the online Manchester Lift-Off Festival? Your ticket will give you access to a whole host of excellent independent films from up-and-coming talent from around the globe. Plus, you can watch my directorial debut, Changing Tides.

Changing Tides is in the New Voices Programme and if you think it's deserving we would love just one of your four votes. Click HERE to buy a festival ticket.

What is the Manchester Lift-Off Festival?

Manchester Lift-Off Festival brings together authentic independent films from emerging global artists. It promotes new voices and provides a space for collaboration and support, helping towards the next steps in their filmmaking career.

Lift-Off believes indie film matters, storytelling can change the world & emerging artists need support to develop creatively, foster new connections and reach global audiences.

I believe all this too and couldn't be happier for Changing Tides to be part of it. 

What is the voting all about?

With your festival ticket you get four votes per programme. Changing Tides is in the New Voices Programme, an anthology of short films that are daring, moving and sometimes experimental. Watch the films, decide which four are most deserving of your vote and then fill in the voting form explaining why.

Changing Tides is in the New Voices Programme. Click HERE to buy a festival ticket.

How does your vote help?

All submitted films can see their live voting scores and I cannot describe the rush of joy when you see someone has voted for your film. It's a small thing but it shows someone has understood your film and, most importantly, that it has resonated with them.

The films with the most votes in this round - the Crowd Round - will progress to a second round where Lift-Off members and judges will select the winners, award special mentions and nominate films to promote in the Season Awards Shortlist. Winning films may also be screened at Lift-Off London, Pinewood Studios. 

If you choose to use one of your votes for Changing Tides I would be blown away. It's such a personal story, and one I wrote to help others feel seen. Your vote would mean I have achieved that.

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