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Prefer To Sip Tea

Written by & starring

Kathryn Georghiou

Directed by

Chris Arkley &

Kathryn Georghiou


Ruth Cockburn and Adam Reilly

A House of Tales & Out of the Ark film

Out of the Ark logo

A film about PTSD and not knowing what people are going through on a daily basis.


Set in an office with an important presentation looming, a manager she doesn't get along with and a flirtatious male colleague who doesn't realise the effects of his actions, Ellie has to hide her exhaustion and anxiety from the trauma she relives when she closes her eyes to sleep.  

Called Prefer To Sip Tea because it's a way to ground yourself during a PTSD attack. Always have a drink with you; if you can feel the liquid going down your throat you're awake, the rest are nightmares. And tea is such a homely drink I'd Prefer To Sip Tea than have a PTSD attack.

HONOURABLE MENTION - Monthly Future Of Film Awards - 2023.png
QUARTER-FINALIST - Change the Script - 2023.png
NOMINEE - Feel The Reel International Film Festival - 2023.png
NOMINEE - Greenwich Film Festival - 2023 (1).png

Meet The Cast

27361357Kathryn Georghiou5378.jpg





Ruth E Cockburn


Adam Reilly_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Adam Reilly


Meet The Crew

2728690Kathryn Georghiou5015.jpg

Kathryn Georghiou

Writer | Director | Producer

A headshot of Christopher C. Arkley

Christopher. C. Arkley

Director | D.O.P | Editor | Producer

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