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Changing Tides

Written & Directed by

Kathryn Georghiou


Natasha Cottriall and Rowe David McClelland

In Collaboration With

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Changing Tides is a punchy realistic social drama that puts the spotlight on alcoholism, abandonment and finding hope in unexpected places.

Bea, early 20s, feisty and streetwise, works as a domestic carer. She has a new patient, Aiden, a bitter aging alcoholic who intimidates for sport, but she’s determined not to let him win.

Their standoff softens when Aiden’s fragility becomes apparent. It shifts the power dynamic and forces her to take care of him. The balance tipped, and with his curiosity spiked, her unrelenting sarcasm wins him over.

Bonding over dark humour and chips, he decides to stop drinking and be her friend. But when you’re an alcoholic you can’t just stop.

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Meet The Cast

Headshot of Rowe David McClelland

Rowe David McClelland





Meet The Crew

2730843Kathryn Georghiou4817_edited.jpg

Kathryn Georghiou

Writer | Director | Producer

A headshot of Christopher C. Arkley

Christopher. C. Arkley

D.O.P | Editor | Producer

A headshot of Aaron Pouncy

Aaron Pouncy


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